Life update

since my last post I haven't really changed. To be honest, I feel worse. I have lost almost all of my 'friends'. I really don't know how I am meant to feel. I'm not upset, if you realise you're friends have been lying to you and have abused you for years, you move on. I'm not going to dwell on the past. In 6 weeks I am going on study leave - this is the time where you are off school to revise for your GCSEs in the UK - so I wont have to see people.

Next Wednesday, I have a Spanish assessment so I have been revising for that and I have two computer science coursework pieces to hand in and guess what I haven't finished any of it. Usually when I get to this point I will constantly have panic attacks, whereas, now... I have no fucking clue. I just don't care. I feel like screaming but just can't be bothered. I cannot be bothered to do anything. Ergh.

Has anyone been watching any tv series lately? There are a few that I am going to watch over the summer after my GCSEs are over AKA Jessica Jones. Although I have been watching Agents of Shield, Lucifer and Gotham. If you haven't seen any of them go watch them. They are amazing! I won't give spoilers so go and watch them and tweet/message me somewhere about them! Also, what did you guys think about the Agent Carter finale? I thought it was really good but I think it was really obvious, there could have been a better ending. Do you think they should do a season 3? Tbh, I don't, the way the season ended meant that there isn't a big story line to continue from. What do you guys think?

So this is Rachel, signing in, and signing out xx