Stationary review and haul

As I have my GCSEs over the next few weeks, I felt like it was a good time to buy some more stationary, so I went onto amazon and did some ordering...
here is what I got...

The first item I got was an apple pad. This was an impulse buy. It looked cute, don't judge me. Ok, so what do I think about it?
The paper is good, it is actually really strong and really good for only 90p. However, if you need to write something down, you have to flatten it out because physics. Also the sheets aren't sticky, but as I said it was 90p so it good for the amount I paid.  (Link)

My next item is probably my favourite. They are ballpoint pens and run really easily. If you want to get more pens get these. They also have really cute crowns because I am a queen. They cost £2.17 and oml get them! Not preaching or anything but they are really good! (Link)

The next item I ordered was these syringe highlighters. They work quite well, but they come out so dark that you won't be able to read your righting. They work better for underlining. The ink is incredibly paint like but I kind of like it. I did think that the syringe would go down with the ink, however, it doesn't. They are good pens but not brilliant. They cost £1.50 (Link)

I also ordered a pack of ink pens, they looked quite cute, however, not all of them work. The ink doesn't run that freely. There are a few translation errors on the lids as well (they came from Japan) They cost £2.20 (Link)

My final purchase was the Zebra Midliners. I really like them and they work really well, however, just like most highlighters, if you go over a darker pen, they drag the different colours across your work. Also, I really like the two different tips. They cost £3.50 (Link)

Most of my purchases were really good, the postage took a while, however, they do come from Japan so I'm not that surprised.

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This has been Rachel, signing in and signing out xx