How girls' brains work

While listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and doing my computer science revision, I had the sudden inspiration to start a series on how girls' think. If you are a potterhead you may know where I got the inspiration from ;)

So for anyone out there that doesn't know how girls brains work please read on or just send this to anyone who needs to know :)

1. This one is pretty obvious. We will never tell you what we want. WE WILL GIVE YOU CLUES. Be Sherlock Holmes and work it out OR actually be Sherlock Holmes - if you look like Benadryl Cucumber or Robert Downey Jr, I, for one, will definitely... well...

2. Don't freak out about periods and tampons or anything of that nature, it will annoy us to say the least. The cashier will most likely assume you are not on your period. If I walk into a shop and buy tampons the cashier will most likely guess that I am on my period. Just please buy the stuff and bring it to us. We will try our best to be nice to you, if we are not, we are either horrible people or we need ice-cream. Remember the ice-cream.

3. Shaving is not part of our everyday routine. Don't expect us to shave for you. If we want to shave, we do it for ourselves.

4. Makeup is for ourselves not for you. If we want to put makeup on, we will put makeup on. If we don't want to wear makeup, we are not going to wear makeup. THIS IS NOT A METHOD OF DECEPTION. If you can't understand that our eyes are not naturally bright green and our lips blood red, then there is nothing anyone can do for you.

5. You think that girls are stupid for acting 'stupid' because it's not cute. We think you are stupid for acting like a 'bad boy'. You do not look like Danny from Grease. You look like a prat. BE YOURSELF.

6. Make reference to our favourite shows. Just because...

7. We are more likely to forgive you, but we will not forget what you have done. If you do something to hurt us or our friends we will get revenge.

8. We will plan on revenge. Even if we don't act on it, we will find revenge. We will be crying about whatever someone has done, and we will be planning revenge.

9. We are just as human as you. We do exactly the same things as you, just with different parts. Actual scientific fact, we think about sex more than guys and we are more likely to be kinkier than guys.

10. Trust and loyalty is everything.

OK this is incredibly stereotypical. I know. A lot of it/most of it, applies to me. However, the main points stand. Don't freak out about tampons, don't force us to shave or wear makeup, don't tell us how to act and we won't tell you how you should act. JUST BE YOURSELF - unless you are naturally an asshole. If you are naturally an asshole I am sorry you have such a sad life.

I'm joking... kinda...

This is Rachel, signing in, and signing out xx