So you taste colours?

Hey guys, I have something called 'Synesthesia' or 'Ideasthesia'. By the way there are lots of fancy words in this post so sorry if your head hurts after. Also, after this you are going to think I am insane. Sorry.

Why am I making this post, I hear you ask? Well:
1. Serious procrastination
2. Kind of an interesting topic
3. My friend blanked me when I tried to talk about it
4. I don't have many friends
5. Where was I going and what is this list?
6. I really need more coffee.

If you don't know what Synesthesia is, here is a quick summary.

Synesthesia: The 'blending' of senses. More specifically associating taste with sounds. For example, you might here something and get a taste in you mouth.

Ideasthesia: The rewritten definition of 'Synesthesia', any type of Synesthesia  rather than just the association of taste and sound. Basically science was wrong so scientists tried to fix it.

I have two types of Synesthesia, one being Ordinal Linguistic Personification (Sounds like linguine - mm pasta) and the other being Chromesthesia.

Ordinal Linguistic Personification is the association of letters/numbers/words with colours and personalities. So for as long as I can remember I have always thought that 4 and 5 were pink and purple respectively and they were best friends and incredibly bitchy, 4 is more outspoken than 5. I told you I sound insane.
When I was 4 I went to my teacher and tried to ask her about this and even at that age I could see the look of worry (for my sanity) written over her face.
I also feel very uncomfortable when people write words in colours that I don't associate them with. For example, I also picture the word 'hello' is yellow. If you were to write it is another colour I feel paranoid that something is going to happen, it is as if I am superstitious with colours and words.

The other type I mentioned was Chromesthesia, I don't really have a story with this, but it does explain a lot about me. Chromesthesia is the associations of colours and sounds. Rather than seeing block colours I see shades and patterns. In the most poetic and pretentious way, it can be both a blessing and a curse. Listening to music can be beautiful, I can paint pictures in my mind that are full of colour. However, listening to many people speak at once can give me dreadful headaches!

I did a video on it, go and watch it:

So do any of you have this? I think it is really interesting.
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This has been Rachel, signing in and signing out xx