Hello Internet

In early 2014 I started up a blog called "War Against Reality", It is still up, you can go and find it, but tbh it is pretty shit. In 2014 I also started a youtube channel which has recently hit 100 subs so thanks guys. However, what I really wanted was to be able to type up how I was feeling, and post all my photography. I have Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, but I needed something different. So I have returned to the wonderful world that is blogging.

So I have my coffee (which I really shouldn't have because it increases my anxiety levels) and lets go on this marvellous adventure!

So as 2016 is approaching very quickly, what is a better way than to start with a few New Years Resolutions. I am probably going to make a video on this as well so stay tuned for that! :)

So these are my resolutions:

1. The 50 book challenge, again.
                  So I did try and do this during the course of 2015 but I never actually completed it. Ill go over the books I did read at a later date.

2. Make sure I am healthy mentally and physically.
                 I definitely don't do enough exercise, so yes, I will do more. I am extremely hypermobile, which really doesn't help. However, my main thing to focus on in 2016, health wise, is my mental health.

3. Upload a video and blog post once a week.
                 I have started taking my channel a lot more seriously, it is so much fun and I can get so much out of it. So you will be seeing me a lot more often on there and on here!

4. One glass of water and piece of fruit per day.
                 Yes you should have more than one but I am not healthy.

5. Talk to more people.
                  Take what you want from this. If that is meeting youtubers, you guys or just people in general, I want to overcome this barrier, that is social anxiety and actually talk.

6. Try stand up/improv.
                  Something that I have always loved is stand up comedy. Russell Howard, Frankie Boyle, Jack Howard and Catherine Ryan and so many more, really inspired me to do comedy. No, I am not brave enough to stand in front of thousands and talk back to a heckler, and I definitely can't think on my feet but I have youtube and hopefully I can make someone smile.

7. Laugh more.
                I haven't laughed properly in so long, I have actually forgotten how to do it. That sounds strange but I am being serious. When my friends make me laugh, it feels wrong and it makes me sad. When I was younger I had a really loud laugh, like a proper belly laugh, which everyone seemed to love, however, when people pointed it out, I became really self conscious, so I stopped, slowly I backed into the shadows and I tried not to be seen. I say try because I was really tubby and people continued to bully me so...

8. Stop complaining.
               This thing is really bugging me and I am not going to do anything about it - I do this on a daily basis. Why should I inflict my problems on the rest of the world if all I am going to do is complain about them. Yes, things can annoy you, but I am going to do something about my problems rather than be held back by them.

9. Get up in the morning.
                I get up way too late. On school days I barely make it on time and on the weekends, well if it is dark by the time you wake up, you have woken up too late.

10. Live in the moment.
                I wish it was the holidays. I wish it was the weekend. Only 3 days left to go, come on Rachel you can do this. 
I am wishing my life away. I'm going to be 80, in a rocking chair and realise all I have done with my life is wish for a knight in shining armour can come and save me. No, why can't I go and save my own princess? why can't I be the hero/heroine of the story?
If I want to do something I will do it. I wont wait for someone else to do it before me. If I fuck these resolutions up, I can start again, then and there. I'm not going to wait for next year to arrive, just so I can fuck them up again.

So that is the end of my coffee so this is the end of my blog post.

Hope you had a great christmas, if you don't celebrate it, hope you have had a great couple of weeks.
Hope you have an absolutely fabulous New Year,

So this is Rachel, signing in, and signing out xx