Review: Just So | St Albans Abbey Theatre | ***

This amateur production based on Rudyard Kipling's Just So stories, reimagines the story of how the Eldest Magician created all animals, and follows the journey of an inquisitive child elephant, who was disrupting the tides, and in turn the lives of all the animals.

While the budget for this play was obviously limited, and the cast were children (toddlers to 17 year olds) there were some highly impressive, moments within the musicals. The lighting reflected each scene perfectly. For a 15 year old, the actress of the elder magician had such a strong voice, it made the entire show come together.

There were some hilarious parts, such as the chef and his cooking pot, both having an incredible stage presence. Again, for an amateur cast, this show was highly impressive.

Tickets: Saturday 7th April 2018